NOTION for suppliers

There are several ways NOTION can help you to build productive relationships with architects and designers. We help you to communicate the value of your business, your products and your services in a manner that educates, inspires and entertains.

How we can help you

Hit the virtual stage with our online education partners, Teulo, in our NOTION_flo CPD-accredited event series where you will share ideas, discuss opportunities and challenges, and forge your path to the future of building.

Our NOTION_flo X is an interactive, educational and entertaining event series in a talk-show discussion format which boosts the virtual and live experience to grab attendees’ attention, increase participation and create a unique event experience.


CPD training events, speaker coaching, education facilitation services, learning spaces


Thought-leader presentations, interactive experiences, digital content, marketing services


Bringing people together and fostering long-term relationships

Upcoming events to participate in



27 January 2021

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Delve into the aspects of healthy homes including heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture control and much more.




17 February 2021

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Get inspired by change-makers who are leading the worldwide movement toward more sustainable architecture, design, construction and building.

Online event only



25 +26 February 2021

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Building our future together. Are you ready?

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31 March 2021

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Keep the outside out and the inside in with this event that focuses on how to design assemblies that are durable, redundant and weathertight for the duration.

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Build relationships, get your brand noticed and dive deep with industry pioneers in this first-of-its-kind hybrid event. NOTION_fwd is your opportunity to meet fellow changemakers who are leading the building and construction industry toward a better future for our well-being and environment. NOTION_fwd is customised for both off-line and on-line participation and will give you actionable takeaways that you can use today.

2 half-day events with 60 exclusively selected architects and designers and over 100 online attendees each day, NOTION_fwd combines talks, presentations, interactive elements onstage, as well as engaging meetings and networking in the breakout areas on- and off-line.


  • An inspirational international headline speaker
  • Pecha Kutcha presentations from premium partners
  • Online and offline breakout rooms where speakers and attendees can delve deeper into discussions
  • A live podcast with industry leaders
  • Live and virtual exhibition space where partners can showcase their products

Don’t miss this unique
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25th and 26th of February

Want to run an event with us?

NOTION_flo offers a stage for product suppliers who are thriving for a better future in the building industry.
The CPD accredited event series shares ideas, discusses opportunities and challenges, and sets light to a new vision for the future.